What is application modernization?

What is application modernization?

Actually, the application modernization is a practice of updating the out-dated software for the newer computing approaches that include infrastructure, framework and language platforms. Also, this practice is sometimes known as legacy application modernization or legacy modernization. It is actually a software development similar to the renovation of older home to take benefits of enhancements to the structural integrity, security and effectiveness and so on. Rather than retiring and surviving system or replacing it wholesale, the legacy modernization prolongs the lifespan of a company’s application while also taking benefits of technical inventions.

Common patterns of application modernization

Some of the common patterns for application modernization are including the following:


More importantly, the refactoring is another way of reformation or rewriting. This method to application modernization involves considering a legacy application and also retooling the substantial portions of its original code to great work in a new environment. More often, this approach needs a rewriting code.

Shift and lift

It is sometimes known as rehosting. The term shift and lift has become software development lingo for taking a current application and also move it from the legacy environment to a newer infrastructure like a public cloud platform. With this common pattern, you are moving an application more importantly with small no deviations to its original architecture or code. This means that it is normally a minimal thorough approach, but not always an ideal method based on an application in question.


This pattern can be seen as a middle ground or compromise between the shift and lift as well as its refactoring approaches. It does not even need any major changes in architecture or code as with the refactoring and however involves complementary update, which allows legacy app to take benefits of this application modernization cloud platform like replacing or modifying the backend database of an application.